Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Flat Sheet "Back-Tab" Curtain Panels for 2 windows only $10!

Sew-Simple!  Nothing glamorous, but makes me happy for the moment-and I am totally about instant (well almost) gratification.  This project took me about an hour to make 4 panels.

I'm always longing for lengthier window panels which are often hard to find in stores, not to mention, they are expensive!  Hubby and I decided on an impromptu bedroom freshen up (this is usually how projects begin in our home, no planning involved---we get a burst of energy and just do it).

So first we decided we would freshen up the paint, as it's been about 3 years since we've painted.  Plus the walls had all the evidence of our teen son once living in this space before we moved back in-- tape from posters, and holes and paint nicks and scrapes-so a paint job was definitely necessary.

Do dads go through a nesting phase too?  Because after he painted our bedroom, he moved onto the bathroom-Lucky Me!!!  When things like this happen I have to take full advantage, even if he uses a random paint that we had leftover and ZERO design plans for that space have been made, you just gotta kinda go with it.

Any who....back to the curtains . . . I used 2 of these twin flat sheets, about $5 each at Walmart.  I actually like the texture of these sheets, they have a little weight to them,  One sheet cut in half the long way fits a 32" window nicely.

Laying the sheet out on the floor is ideal, but I'm 9 months preggo, if I got down there, there's no guarantee I'd get up!  Keep sheet folded in half as it usually is in it's packaging, and then cut along the long folded edge.  You can go ahead and run an iron over it now, or steam it later, it's totally up to you.

After you cut it in half, work at the top of the sheet where there is a pocket.

 Measure about an inch from the sheets top edge, and mark a line with a light pencil all the way across the sheet, or iron a crease on the sheet to mark where you will start your "tabs."

Then decide how far apart you'd want the tabs, half of the sheet is about 32" so you should mark every 4 inches starting at the finished/hemmed side of the sheet/panel.  Your first slit should be right on the inside of that hem.  (not visible in these pics but basically where the 4 is in the pic below)

 Use an x-acto knife or sharp scissors to make an inch slit at each four inch mark, making sure not to go through both sides of the fabric, just the top layer.  Next hem, or use stitch witchery to hem the unfinished side of the curtain, then feed your curtain onto your rod starting from the inside (the original finished edge of the sheet).  Then be sure to hang your "curtains high and wide."  You may need to cut a little length off of the bottom if you don't like your panels to puddle on the floor.

 To be honest I haven't even hemmed my edges yet, and I make take a little length off the bottom, but overall, this gives you a quick, cheap and easy way to add a little softness to your windows. I also like the fact that you can go and add some some ribbon to jazz them up if you want to.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Shared Boy's Room/Nursery reveal

As we anticipate baby #4 in 2 weeks or less (hopefully), I've been working diligently to get the shared  room/nursery completed, prepare for Picture overload!

It has not been easy keeping my almost 6 year old out of this room as I worked on it.  Every time I attempted to photograph it, there would be what looked like a tornado of toys splattered across the room.

 DIY projects in this pic include:   the paper mobile, wall art (which is temporary and something I totally just threw together), pillows, Monogram wall art, crib skirt, and I painted the dresser.

We started this room years ago in this theme----there's something about red, white and blue that just says little boys to me, Love it!

The lower half of the walls are treated with Allen and Roth bead board paint-able wallpaper, which was really easy to put up and has help up pretty well over the years.

 Although Cayden has graciously accepted the fact that his baby brother will be joining him soon, he was rather irritated with my constant cleaning and kicking him out as I prepped the space.  Sorry kiddo, that's what happens when you have a nesting mama!

 My guy loves cranking out art pieces rapidly!  So, I hot glued some clothes pins to a painted 1x4 piece of scrap wood and screwed it to the wall to display his work, awards and the silver bucket that holds the chalk.
  I had to utilize several bins and baskets for organization as this is such a small space.  In fact Cayden's bed is on risers to provide extra storage space under his bed.
 I love wooden toys and how they lend a classic theme to the space.

The "Let's hear it for the BOYS" sign started out as string art, but I am so IMPATIENT decided to go in a different direction and hand painted it, which took a very, very long time, but I like how it came out.  That song was one of my favorites growing up, I can just picture Kevin Bacon dancing in Footloose, every time I read that sign, lol.

The Strong, Brave, Wise wall art here, is just fabric, actually an old sheet stretched over canvas, with cricut letters hot-glued to it (crookedly, lol)  but I needed something quick to fill the wall.
Navy Blue Cut-Out USA Wood Sign
I may replace it with this USA cut-out from hobby lobby

 The light fixture was a steal for $30 at Lowes, the lamp was only $8 at Christmas tree shop, I just added gross grain red ribbon to the shade.  The rug is from Ikea, which is super soft, but collects lint like no tomorrow, not sure if I would recommend it.

He's had the table and chair set for a while and can use repainting, but due to the snow that we've been getting in Rhode Island, that is a project that'll have to wait until spring.
 I bought some cheap white panels at Walmart, which may be replaced, they don't seem to fall right and are very stiff, or I may eventually add some coordinating material to add length and weight to them.

 Fun Fact:  NOT ONE of my 3 children have slept in their cribs, I'm really hopeful for #4!

 The striped sheets and duvet are from Target, the throw pillow fabric is from Hobby lobby.  I usually purchase a yard to make 2 pillows, and then use scrap fabrics or extra sheets as backing fabric, which I did here.

Needless to say, my little guy is very cozy in his new space, hope he feels the same way once his brother is born!  Thanks so much for visiting!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hello Again!

After almost exactly 3 whole years!!!  I return!  Well I'm just popping in to say "HI!"  Where have I been?  Well I've spent the past three years ya know, being a wife, mom, student and business owner which has all kept me a bit busy.  Until now . . . we are now expecting our 4th blessing, a baby boy due next month!  Which has undoubtedly forced me to slow down a bit.

Not to say that the projects have stopped in our house over the past three years, in fact, about 4 months after my last blog post, in June of 2012, we had a major flood in our home, which caused us to have to refinish all of the flooring on our main floor and refinish our finished basement.  This was an extremely stressful time as it was just 3 months after I had opened my business.  So since then, we ran have run out of steam.  And a lot of the projects that I get emails about to this day (trafficmaster ceramica flooring over tile, and trafficmaster allure vinyl plank bathroom flooring especially, have all been replaced).  But trust me, I've recently begun a whole new list of goals/projects for 2015 that I hope to conquer.

So, a lot has changed in the blogworld since my last post.  I, for instance, no longer read blogs like I used to.  Well, I have my favorites that I tend to check in on every now and then but I mostly visit blogs based on what peaks my interest on Pinterest or Instagram or what pops up on my Google+.

Yesterday, I read a post by Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick titled "Where Have All the Blogs Gone" and it made me think . . . while I never blogged as a business and it was always just for fun . . . how much I missed it.  Also, having more free time on my hands as I await the arrival of our lil one, I've been tackling some projects around our tiny little ranch to either keep me busy, make my poor neglected house a home again, and organize and make room for a family of soon to be 6.  

Some of these little projects I've shared on my personal Instagram and Pinterest, but I know some projects require more than just one picture, but several, and more than just a short description, but a tutorial, so I've decided to start a seperate Instagram:  FWMade81blog to correspond with my blog for when those types of projects arise (and to also give my family and friends a break from my nesting insanity).

Yes, nesting is actually a thing!  With this little extra burst of energy I've had over the past month, I've tackled the following little projects:

 Tween Daughter's Gallery Wall including some adorable purchased digi prints and some DIY wall art

 Boy's Room Monogram Wall Art

Installing shoe molding and caulking from my Board and Batten replacement "First big Project of 2012" post

DIY Cricut Card Stock Crib Mobile

Using some fun Hobby Lobby fabrics to make removable pillow covers and  DIY no-sew Faux Roman Shades (Valance)

Re-purposed an old sweater to make Baby Harem pants and matching hat

Hope you follow along!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Master Bedroom Updates: Spray Painted and Glazed Mirror

Hi everyone!  Sorry I've been MIA all week.  Had my first exam in my Art History class this week and an assignment due for another class, so I had to buckle down and get 'em done!  

I wanted to share with you a quick makeover/update in my "master" bedroom.  My hubby and I recently decided to purchase a new comforter set.  It's a really beautiful print:  white background with a grey, brown and blue paisley print.  We fell in love.  But once I got it home I realized that it didn't really go well with my paint color, the mirror above my bed or the lampshades (that I had just recently purchased!  Pictures show lampshades switched out already). 

 Well I can tell you for certain, that the paint color wasn't going to change (at least not any time soon), but the lampshades and the mirror were definitely things that I could tweak.

The mirror was originally a gold-toned.

I sprayed it with some Krylon brushed nickel spray paint.  I may have mentioned before how I'm just not good at spray-painting!  I over spray, make drips and almost always cause the paint to crackle--I can never get a nice smooth finish! 

 Because the finish was blotchy, I decided to do my favorite glazing treatment on the mirror, with my raw umber craft paint as I did herehere and here.
 Drip ped some of the craft paint around the mirror
 and spread it around with a paint brush-lightly dipped in water, until I got the look I wanted.

 Glazing the mirror helped to minimize the uneven appearance of the spray paint as well as provided a texture on the mirror that wasn't really there before.


It's a very minimal change, but it makes a world of difference for me!

I'll be back soon with my lamp update . . .


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