Thursday, February 16, 2012

Master Bedroom Updates: Spray Painted and Glazed Mirror

Hi everyone!  Sorry I've been MIA all week.  Had my first exam in my Art History class this week and an assignment due for another class, so I had to buckle down and get 'em done!  

I wanted to share with you a quick makeover/update in my "master" bedroom.  My hubby and I recently decided to purchase a new comforter set.  It's a really beautiful print:  white background with a grey, brown and blue paisley print.  We fell in love.  But once I got it home I realized that it didn't really go well with my paint color, the mirror above my bed or the lampshades (that I had just recently purchased!  Pictures show lampshades switched out already). 

 Well I can tell you for certain, that the paint color wasn't going to change (at least not any time soon), but the lampshades and the mirror were definitely things that I could tweak.

The mirror was originally a gold-toned.

I sprayed it with some Krylon brushed nickel spray paint.  I may have mentioned before how I'm just not good at spray-painting!  I over spray, make drips and almost always cause the paint to crackle--I can never get a nice smooth finish! 

 Because the finish was blotchy, I decided to do my favorite glazing treatment on the mirror, with my raw umber craft paint as I did herehere and here.
 Drip ped some of the craft paint around the mirror
 and spread it around with a paint brush-lightly dipped in water, until I got the look I wanted.

 Glazing the mirror helped to minimize the uneven appearance of the spray paint as well as provided a texture on the mirror that wasn't really there before.


It's a very minimal change, but it makes a world of difference for me!

I'll be back soon with my lamp update . . .

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thinking Outside of the Jewelry Box: Jewelry Organization Center

 It all started with this empty corner in my bedroom, and my overwhelming, over-filled jewelry boxes.  

My hubby, being the sweet guy that he is, went out and bought me this adorable jewelry hanger, but it doesn't work well for longer, heavier pieces of jewelry, which I have tons of (bummer).

I've been wanting to create some kind of jewelry organization for quite a while now, but for some reason I've been putting it off.

So my quest to create it began with something I saw on pinterest, which was originally from  Martha Stewart .  She used cup hooks, a wooden dowel and s-hooks to hang jewelry inside of a cabinet or closet door.  
DIY: simple jewelry hanger
Isn't it great?

Unfortunately I have bi-fold doors on my closet so that wouldn't work.  But, I adapted the idea---of course--using what I had on hand!

 I took a cafe rod and hung it as if I were hanging it on a window, accept I didn't extend it, so that it would be strong enough to hold the weight of the jewelry that I placed on it.

Excellent! Loved it!

Except . . .what do I do with all of my earrings now?

Then I thought about adding cup hooks to the shelf above my necklace display rod. Then a light bulb went off---Eye hooks!
 I slightly hammered the eye hooks into the shelf, about an inch apart and then simply screwed them in.
 Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

 My little corner is almost complete!

 Still need to fill those frames though!


Now I can easily choose my jewelry in the morning and match items up.  Organization makes me sooo very happy!  I think I might actually add another cafe rod below and move the necklaces to that rod and keep the top rod for bracelets.  And as I acquire more earrings, I can simply add more hooks!

I might also add a small bowl to the shelf to hold my rings and stud style earrings.

How do you organize your jewelry?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Board and Batten Wainscoting: Basement Stairway pt.2

I left off yesterday comparing my inspiration pic for my stairway B&B, with my progress thus far:
At this point, I had only primed my wall and boards, but had yet to add the additional trim pieces.
I replaced the old cove molding at the base of the B&B with new foam cove molding found at Lowe’s.  It cost’s about $4/8 ft piece.
When adding the ledge, I had some difficulty measuring the correct angle, so I used the same technique using a small level and pencil to mark the board where it should be cut.  This was very tricky—I ended up needing to sand the ledge board’s angle down to make it fit.

Next, I went ahead and added the cove molding below the ledge to add a little more of a decorative touch.
You may have also noticed that I am updating the flooring on the landing as well, with the Traffic Master Ceramica Tile flooring left over from my kitchen project.
I am so ecstatic about this people! I’ve been wanting to tackle this project for months now!  Thanks again to Lisa at Shine Your Light and Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl for the wonderful inspiration to get me started. 
Here’s a before and after.

Now all there's left to do is caulk, paint walls and stair risers, and grout the floors! (What about the stair treds? That’s another story . . .)
As always, Thanks for stopping by!
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